About Us

We give disadvantaged children the health, happiness, and prosperity they deserve.

By the generous support of individuals and organizations, Abandoned Little Angels gifts food, clothing, medicine, medical equipment, and financial support to orphans and disabled children in Vietnam and other countries.

Proceeds from fundraising events and individual donations translate into financial support for schools, religious orphanages, and children care centers.

By focusing on rural communities that receive minimal outside assistance, the reach of our mission continues to expand throughout North, Central, and South Vietnam every year.

Our Goal & Objective

The primary goal of Abandoned Little Angels is to provide assistance in all capacities to the disadvantaged children and orphans of all religious charitable centers. Abandoned Little Angels operates in the spirit of Mother Theresa of Calcutta by serving all who are in need.

Mục tiêu của Nhóm Tình Thương

Mục tiêu chính của Nhóm Tình Thương là yểm trợ các em bất hạnh tại Việt Nam do các cơ sở từ thiện tư nhân phụ trách, không phân biệt tôn giáo, dựa trên tinh thần phục vụ người bất hạnh của mẹ Theresa Culcutta.

Abandoned Little Angels
is a recipient of the

Blue Ribbon Award

for being one of the
best independent charities
in America since 2009

Board of Directors


Thanh Huong Nguyen, D.D.S.


Lucy Thao Nguyen, M.D.


Kim Phuong Vu


Frances Chenne

Founder & Board Member

Tu Chung Nguyen

Board Members

Thinh Tran
Toan Nguyen
Phach Ngoc Hoang
Thang Nguyen
Don Le Vu
Son Mai Vu
Lap Nguyen
Kathy Huong Le

Our Advisors

Advisory Board

Mr. Duc and Dr. Emily Nguyen
Dr. Manju Sachdev
Drs. Phu Le and My Linh Nguyen
Dr. Chris and Mrs. Loan Phan
Dr. Steve and Thao Lai
Trung and Thanh Nguyen
Dr. Tam Than Nguyen and Mrs. Bich Lien

Spiritual Advisors

Fr. Francis Pham Quang Hau
Fr. Frederic Hoa Rossignol