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ALA Builds new school in Tâm Bố

New School in Tâm Bố

Thanks to an extremely generous, anonymous donation, Abandoned Little Angels was able to build our sixth school (pictured above) in Tâm Bố. Tâm Bố is an impoverished, rural town in the mountainous region of central Vietnam, an hour south of Đà Lạt.

The current literacy rate in Tâm Bố is 20% and for the first time, the children in this community can attend school and learn to read and write.

Your donation and support can change children's lives in incredible ways like this and change the future of entire communities. Let's reverse the literacy rate to 80%!

A special thank you also goes out to Mr. Johny To and Mrs. Thi La Tran for their generous donations which helped furnish three classrooms (top right photo) in this new school.

Please consider donating to Abandoned Little Angels and your donation could help build our next school!


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