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Bảo’s Story

Bảo is 11 years old and attends school at Thanh Tam School.  Bao has a unique situation in that he does not have a birth certificate.  He and his siblings were born in Cambodia while his parents are Vietnamese, neither country recognizes them as citizens.  This means he does not have the same rights as the other children do to attend school.

There are 8 members in his family; his parents and 5 younger siblings who range from 1 to 9 years old. His 9-year-old sister is blind and has some developmental and intellectual disabilities and is unable to care for herself. His mother who is in poor health remains at home to care for his sister and other siblings. His father is the main source of income for the family.  The family’s financial situation is dire as neither parent can read or write.

Bảo is a good student at school and a good boy for his family. He is so industrious and determined in studying. He is also diligent in helping his family. He helps clean the house, cooks and takes care of his younger siblings.

His dream is to be a successful chef so he can give back to his community by cooking meals for those in need, especially children. He recently told me that the first good meal he ever had was at school. I was deeply touched and moved when this sweet little boy shared his dream with me.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for helping children like Bao. Your support has helped Bao move to the 4th grade this year. I look forward to the day that Bao can realize his dream of becoming a chef.


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