Spirit of Kindness

For over 22 years, Abandoned Little Angels have provided thousands of orphans and disadvantaged children accessed to education and a chance at a better life. At 8 years old, Vo Kong Le was unable to read or write. Generations of impoverished living conditions and poor access to education, his parents could barely provide him with the basic necessity to live. Now 13 years old, with the help of Abandoned Little Angels, he is the highest ranked student in his class, with aspirations of becoming a doctor one day. The school awarded him a bicycle, his most prized possession. With kindness and compassion, he ended up giving this gift to another boy who he thought needed it more so than himself. This compassion and selfless act is the embodiment of what Abandoned Little Angels represents. We are so proud of Le who embodies the spirit of Abandoned Little Angels, continuing our mission of kindness, generosity, compassion and “paying it forward.”

– Monica Bui