Thank You, Supporters

To All Supporters of Abandoned Little Angels,

On behalf of the Abandoned Little Angels, I would like to thank everyone for making our 25th Anniversary Gala such a tremendous success!

We are truly grateful for your continued support of ALA. From the board members, committee members and volunteers who organized and ran the event, to the attendees, who generously helped the cause through donations and fundraising, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Special recognition to our Gala Chairs:
Miriam DeLeon, Cathy Ha Nguyen, Amanda Ton, Dai Ton

To our Host Committee:
Tina Cao, Eric Chen, Thuy Liz Dow, Christine Hoang, Khang Hoang, Christine C. Khuong, Madge Jones, Thai Lai, Dr. My Linh Nguyen, Sophie Nguyen, Kim Chi Pham, Jenna Tong, Linh Trinh, MassMutual Texas Gulf Coast, Dr. Emily Tran, Vincent Tran, Viet Hoa International Foods, Vo & Pham Law Firm, PLLC, Bic Lien Vu, Jacqueline Vu, Han Vu

To our Volunteers:
Thanh Boyer, Minh Cao, Kellie Corrallo, Xuan Jenna Cao, Thu Duong, Jennie Naomi Hayanto, Meilin Hyde, Cindy Kinh Lai, Thuy Le, Matthew Nguyen, Thuy Rocque, Dr. Manju Sedchev, Kim Anh Tran, Madeleine Tran, Lan Phuong Yu, Thu Suong, Gamma Beta Fraternity, Lambda Delta Psi Sorority, Inc.

To our Emcees:
Dr. Thanh Kim Hoang, Theresa Ngoan

To our Photographers and Videographer:
Johnathan Chantra, Johnny Dao, Johnny Luu

Much love and appreciation,
Frances Chenne
Executive Director 
Abandoned Little Angels