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Nhu’s Story

Như is a six years old First Grader at Thanh Tam School for poor children.

She dreams of being a teacher one day, so that she can teach poor children like her. Như is a passionate little girl with endless determination and full of energy.

Her mother suffers severe hearing impairment; she sells lottery tickets to make a living for the family, and each day after school, Như goes to work with her mother until dark. Như has a brother in the second grade and each day, he too escorts his father, who is paralyzed on the left side of his body, selling eggs on the street. The family lives together in a rented tiny room. They have each other and their dreams of better days. Nhu and her family thank you for your love and support.

She shared with me recently that she really loves her mother and tries to help her mother to communicate with others. She and her mother potentially sell about 100 lottery tickets per day and earn about $7 on a good weather day.  Như understands the difficulties her family face and is diligent in helping her family. Although she is just a little girl, she is so passionate, determined and full of energy. Her dream is to become a teacher and give back to those in need. She does her best to study every day to make her dream come true.

As a teacher, I would like to thank you for giving Nhu the opportunity to be a little girl and dream big. Thank you for the support you provide!


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