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2020 TET Festival Huntsville, Alabama

Annually Alabama community unite to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year Tet festival. The January 2020 TET Festival in Huntsville turned Alabama in to “ALA-bama”. We raised over $20,000 to fund our mission in Vietnam with an awesome Tet Festival, highlighted by a lively and energetic performance by singer Diem Lien.

A special thanks goes to longtime supporters, the La family and their Mama La’s Kitchen for sponsoring her performance and donating their delicious egg rolls. The festival came alive with the smells and flavors of authentic Vietnamese dishes that were enjoyed by the diverse crowd. The evening ended up with ALA-bamians of all ages swirling joyfully on the dance floor to the awesome performers. A great time was had by all, sharing Vietnamese culture and raising funds for the children in Vietnam.

The lingering pandemic prevented the live 2021 Tet Celebration, but that did not stop festival organizers Thu Duong, Kim Anh Tran, Thuy Le and CyndiKinh Nguyen-Lai from raising more than $11,000 for the children in Vietnam. A very special thanks to them for their determined effort to help the mission even in the face of a world-wide pandemic.


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