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ALA & Kids' Meals

ALA board member, Charles Rutt, with Kids' Meals CEO, Beth Harp, and CCO, Cynthia Stielow. ALA supports Kids' Meals annually to help make sure that no child in Houston goes hungry.

Something that's very inline with our core philanthropy goal is Houston's Kids' Meals. We feed, clothe, and support teachers for children in Vietnam, so helping out in Houston is an obvious choice.

Since 2006, Kids’ Meals has been making and delivering free, healthy meals directly to the homes of hungry children. Since inception, we have given more than 8 million free meals to food insecure children in 42 Houston-area zip codes. Kids’ Meals is a first-responder to children ages 5 and under facing debilitating hunger due to extreme poverty.


ALA Executive Director Frances Chenne, with operations director, John Day. This is one of he delivery trucks that delivers some of the 26,000 meals daily for Kids Meals.

ALA Board member Charles Rutt meets Kids' Meals board member David Endleman.

Abandoned Little Angels is proud to support Kids' Meals.

This is yet another examples of our supporters' donations at work.


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