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Flood Victims - Abandoned Little Angels Aid for Vietnam in a Time of Need

The COVID pandemic created a severe blow to the economy of Vietnam. Vietnam has a huge tourism industry that was crippled by the pandemic lock downs. The resulting loss of jobs devastated many Vietnamese who relied heavily on tourism for their livelihood. With the area already reeling from the economic downturn, Huế and central region of Vietnam saw the biggest flood in the history of the region. Many already vulnerable people now lost their homes and what little they had left. With the pandemic and the flood many Vietnamese lost everything with no way to rebuild their lives.

After seeing the children of this area suffering with so much loss, ALA donors stepped up and made significant donations to aid these victims. ALA’s efforts to assist were divided into two phases. The first phase focused on immediate relief by providing shelter, food and medical attention to the flood victims. After the victim’s immediate needs where met, the focus on phase two began through rebuilding. ALA collaborated with a local church to identify the families in need and help them to rebuild. Our generous donor’s contribution was able to help rebuild 30 homes.

It was a tremendous joy to see the smiles on the local children as they realized they would have a place to live again. We thank our special donors for changing the lives of those who had lost everything by helping victims rebuild their homes and their hope in the aftermath of such tragedy.


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