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Hurricane Ida Relief - Mattress Mac and ALA

ALA board member, Charles Rutt, delivers a check to Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale for Hurricane Ida relief. “Mattress Mac” is Houston area business legend and philanthropist

Abandoned Little Angels was more than happy to jump in and help people down in New Orleans effected by Hurricane Ida. We chose to go through one of Houston's leading philanthropist, Jim McIngvale.

For over 30 years Jim and Gallery Furniture have supported many local worthy causes. Jim McIngvale is devoted to the betterment of the Houston community that has always been supportive of his dreams.


James McIngvale, personally thanking ALA for the donation to the Hurricane Ida Relief fund.

Executive Director, Frances Chenne with Community Outreach Director for Gallery Furniture, Kathryn Griffin.

Because of Gallery Furniture, Houston is the proud home of America’s first Mobile Stroke Unit. In partnership with Memorial Herman Hospital this critical emergency care unit includes a world class cardiologist, and is responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Houstonians.

Gallery Furniture is also responsible for furnishing U.S.O.’s around the world for American service men and women to have a safe, comfortable place to relax when not on duty.

Abandoned Little Angels always partners with people, companies, and foundations that do the most to help.

This is yet another examples of our supporters' donations at work.


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