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K'Minh's Story

Abandoned Little Angels (ALA) has helped K’Minh with his education by paying for his school tuition since he was 4 years old. We are extremely proud to continue to support him as he becomes the first of our students to go to medical school! Saigon Medical School is one of the most prestigious and oldest medical schools in Vietnam. His family is part of an ethic minority, the Koho, one of the poorest of Vietnam’s indigenous peoples. Traditionally slash-and burn farmers, the Koho settled in the southern part of the fertile Central Highlands area of Vietnam centuries ago, in what is now the modern city of Dalat — a former French colonial outpost. K’Minh and his family receive no help towards education from the government or from any source other than ALA. There is no free education for even the poorest in Vietnam. ALA’s efforts with providing financial support to educate students like K’minh can finally help break the cycle of poverty in their families by ensuring new and better opportunities for their children.

Below is a translation of K’Minh’s letter to ALA upon receiving his scholarship:

Dear Benefactors,

My name is K’Minh and I am an ethnic of Koho in Gia Hiep near Dalat mountainous region in Vietnam. I am currently a student at Saigon Medical School.

First of all, I would like to send my greeting, love and wishes of peace, health and happiness to you. On July 2015, I received $750 to pay for my tuition. Your generous support motivates me to do the best that I can to achieve good grades in school and not to disappoint your trust. Your generosity itself is an effective medicine in reducing anxiety and stress for me and my family.

Every year, my concern is not about traveling far away from home and the arduous study. I worry about my mother for all the enduring sacrifices that she makes for me and my siblings. My family grows coffee and make and annual income of $1,200. Therefore, we are always in debt.

Abandoned Little Angels had supported my education in paying for the tuition since I was 4 year old. Education is not free in Vietnam, and without your support I would never have this opportunity.

I plan to return to my village as a doctor to help my community and I sincerely thank you for making my dream a reality.


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