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Light Up a Child's Life

Abandoned Little Angels has made an enormous impact on many children’s lives, Dong Tran is one of those children. Dong’s days were filled with chaos and darkness, not only was Dong born deaf however his parents struggled to provide for their family. Dong couldn’t communicate with his family and acted out in frustration. His behavior escalated to the point that his parents didn’t know what to do to help their son. When Dong was 7 years old his parents discovered Anh Sao School in Bao Loc, run by Sister Yen. Anh Sao School when translated means Bright Star School, which for Dong provided the light that he and his family so desperately needed. Abandoned Little Angels with your support, can provide for the 50 deaf children that attend this school. Dong learned to read, write and best of all communicate while he was at the school. A local benefactor, Mr. Haoi Nam owns a beauty school and through his generosity Dong was able to attend his school. Dong is now 17 and employed as a hairdresser. Dong can now support himself and be a productive member of society. Dong's life is forever changed and is on a path to success which would not have happened without the generosity of Mr. Haoi Nam and you, a supporter of Abandoned Little Angels.

Phuong is another child that has had her life forever changed.  Phuong who is 9 years old, was also born deaf and into a family that struggled with immense poverty.   Fortunately, her parents knew about the school and sought help when she was 2 years old. Your donations helped Abandoned Little Angels purchase FM hearing aids that allow the children to hear from an early age and learn quickly, closing the learning gap. Each device cost $4500.00 and allows each teacher to work with 5 children at the same time. Since receiving the FM hearing aid, Phuong has been able to leave the Anh Sao School for the Deaf and attend a regular school. Your kindness and compassion is the bright light that shines, lifting darkness out of a child’s life and replacing it with hopes and dreams that are no longer out of reach. Thank you for being the light, the shining STAR for our children!


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