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Message from Tram, English Teacher

It has been a huge honor for me to teach English to the disadvantaged and orphaned children in Vietnam. I would like to thank Abandoned Little Angels for the opportunity to start this program with its support. Learning English is expensive in Vietnam, with schools having expensive fees to attend. This barrier has been lifted thanks to the support of ALA, tuition is free for the children, computers and materials are provided for our facilities. With this help, these children have an opportunity to learn this extremely valuable skill effectively.

I have instituted this English program in four education centers. Our curriculum uses computers, games and projectors to aid in learning by making it fun. This type of environment makes it enjoyable for the children to learn and practice their new language skills. I love seeing the joy this program brings to their lives. I travel far to all four centers and visit all of the children in the English program. It is hard but it brings me great joy to see the children happy. They love the environment and eager to learn. They not only respect me as their teacher, they treat me as their friend. I love these children so much because I know they are coming from very difficult situations.

Our English program includes blind children, as well. Using the equipment and materials from ALA, our instructors teach these kids how to speak simple English sentences, such as introducing themselves and their friends. When I see the progress that these blind children make, in as little as two months, it inspires me to help them more. One of the blind students, 10 year old Tram Anh, shared with me that she wants to be an English teacher like me. She is a very smart girl who studies hard. This program gives her the very real opportunity to make her dream come true.

Again, thank you, Abandoned Little Angels, for the support of time, money and materials given to our disadvantaged and orphaned children in Vietnam. Your support provides us the necessary tools to build a brighter future for our students.


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