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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Lives of Children we Support

Covid-19 was not just a virus. It was a devastating pandemic that brought pain and suffering to many people around the world. For the wealthy, it humbled them; and for the poor, it stripped them of the dignity of work, the pride of independence and it worsened the pang of hunger. Covid-19 impacted the lives of many of the children we support and their families.

Family of Thanh Bao (third grader) and His Sister Bao Nhu (second grader)

Thanh Bao and Bao Nhu’s father has problem walking due to an accident earlier in his life. Before the pandemic, he pushed a small homemade cart selling boiled eggs on the street every morning. The children’s mother is mute, and she sold lottery tickets for a living. The pandemic took away their meager livelihood. During the government sanctioned quarantine, they had no options for making money, and each day they struggled to make do with little or nothing.

Family of Gia Huy (first grader) and Khanh Nhu (first grader)

Similarly, the father of Gia Huy and Khanh Nhu could not find a job during the pandemic. Their mother struggled to find customers to buy the lottery tickets she sold for a living. Covid-19 took away their options for work. The family had to borrow money from friends and family to make ends meet. Often, they were forced to beg for food trying to sustain long enough to outlive the pandemic. Each day, both parents strove to find ways to generate an income, yet the bills continue to pile up. Covid-19 not only took away their livelihood, but it also humiliated them as they struggled to provide for their children.

Family of Van Cam (fifth grader)

Van Cam’s father abandoned his family, leaving his mother to care for her young son with little options for income. She struggled to make ends meet and sold lottery tickets on the street for a living. Life was a desperate struggle for Van Cam and his mother. Selling lottery tickets on the street took its toll on his mother’s health, and the pandemic reduced them to beggars. The future for their family is uncertain with little to no options for income. With no hope and in total desperation, they only had each other to lean on.

Sadly, there are numerous untold stories of tragedy and loss due to the economic downfalls because of the pandemic. However, there is hope through faithful supporters like you! Abandoned Little Angels offers hope and aide to families like these in need. All the children from these families attend the Notre Dame School, which provides free education to 150 children from impoverished homes. Support from the efforts of Abandoned Little Angels not only provides hope in these children’s lives, it also gives them an education and the chance at a better future.


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